What Are We Doing?
Road Transport
Our company provides top-quality freight transportation services by road transport ensuring trouble-free and safe delivery of your goods.
Rail Transport
Our railway freight transportation services provide efficient and reliable transport of your cargo by rail.
Sea Transport
Our sea freight transportation services ensure your cargo is delivered safely and efficiently around the world paying particular attention to your needs.
Air Transport
Our air freight transportation services provide prompt and reliable worldwide delivery of your cargo with due regard to the highest safety and quality standards.
Customs Brokerage Services
We provide trouble-free and efficient cargo clearance reducing risks and ensuring compliance with all the applicable customs control regulations.
Warehousing and Distribution
We provide top-quality warehousing and distribution services ensuring efficient inventory management and reliable delivery of your products to end users.
What Kind Of Cargo We Deliver?
Full Truck Loading (FTL)
Our company specializes in reliable and prompt delivery of cargo, ensuring accurate, fast and timely fulfillment of
Refrigerated Transportation
We guarantee reliable temperature-controlled transportation, providing optimal conditions for storing and transporting your cargo in compliance with all quality and safety standards.

Oversized Cargo Transportation
Our company specializes in oversized cargo transportation ensuring professional approach, safe and reliable delivery of any type of cargo, even the largest and non-standard one.
Liquid Bulk Cargo Transportation
We will assist in safe and secure transportation of liquid bulk cargo, ensuring accurate delivery of even the most demanding cargo in terms of quality and safety standards.
Dangerous Cargo Transportation (ADR)
We provide safe and professional transportation of dangerous cargo, strictly adhering to all necessary regulations and standards to protect the environment and society.
High-value Cargo Transportation
Our company specializes in the transportation of high-value cargo and guarantees the highest level of security so that your valuable cargo reaches its destination in perfect condition.
Groupage Cargo Transportation (LTL)
We offer reliable and efficient groupage transportation, ensuring optimal logistics management and precise delivery of small shipments as well.
Freight Forwarding
We specialize in freight forwarding, providing comprehensive logistics management and efficient organization of cargo transportation to optimize clients’ deliveries.